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In the shadows lay one,
A victim of self,
The spoil of shame
She releases herself to
The familiar pleasure of pain
A loud brood,
A familiar stranger.
Please don’t let her slip away.



The Caterpillar.

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The classist’s biggest fear is that one day he will fall short. That one day he too will be looked down upon. Every human quality can be ascribed a value. Intelligence can be measured on scales, however inaccurate we claim these scales are. True beauty is an objective observation, otherwise it is a lie that people sometimes believe to make things easier.

Wealth is, by far, the most important determinant of social stratification. You see, wealth guarantees entry into circles that beauty, intelligence, hard work and even luck do not. Beauty comes in a very close second. For the rare few that are beautiful enough, beauty is powerful enough control wealth. The zeitgeist is determined by the rich and the beautiful. In effect, they direct everything just by the choices they make and sometimes do not even notice. People shy away from being the first to point out the beauty…

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