Posted: June 25, 2015 in Uncategorized

This is a piece for all the”unclaimed” babies, infants and children out there. God loves you. And though you may not know your biological parents, know you have a heavenly Father who is watching over and has good plans for you.
You are not a mistake but a blessing to this world and we are honoured to have you.
This is the truth.

They called me daughter,
Of whom? To whom?
Nobody ever claimed
My slimy self
From whence I lay.
Did any beg me to stay?
Yet, they call me daughter.
Of whom? To whom?


(This picture was not uploaded to spite or mock anyone.) Everyone young and old  deserves a chance to live.


  1. skylark says:

    thats some touchy message there….

  2. Ronnie O'tega says:

    Is that an abandoned baby? So sad…

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