No Title

Posted: November 2, 2014 in Uncategorized
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This has no title…no  form nor order whatsoever.. Jus the alphabets I’ve choked on for so long…

Cross my heart
This shall be my last
Better save the best for last
I better keep whats left of my heart

We have become they…

that know the sweet taste of bitterness
Wrapped firm betwixt hoofed hands

Who says we have the right to cry
The will to love
The audacity to receive too
The ears to convey lipped winds to barren hearts
Scorched from desertation
And crazed voices of angel cry
Cursed of love to wait for love

And yet…

We write for our right to love
Of our hope to be loved
To long
And be longed after


To seek and be found
To hold and be held dear
This is our hope



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