The Orchestra (an extended metaphor).

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

Beautiful piece

Michael Akang's blog


A boy in a rumpled and oversized suit walked into an empty auditorium. In the darkness he was somehow able to find the stage and the podium facing the stage seemed to call him. He was a child yet he knew that he had a great responsibility. He walked up to the podium and took his place at the head of the arrangement.

In the weeks that followed several other children walked into the auditorium. It was still dark, but it could no longer be said to be empty. These children, like the first boy, instinctively knew where their places were in the arrangement. The children took their
places in the dark, picked up their instruments and waited.

When they were all present, they knew.

The lights came on. The auditorium’s doors opened and the orchestra of children was thrust into the limelight.

The boy who was the conductor waved…

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