(Her) Eyes.

Posted: October 27, 2014 in Uncategorized

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Hello. This tells two love stories (Yes, I’m becoming sappy, sue me). It’s pretty self explanatory but I’ve attached pictures of both my lovers for complete clarification, I’m nice like that. Enjoy.

Her Eyes

Her body is frozen caramel
Her skin, aureate
A fitting frame
For her mercurial eyes.

There is beauty in her eyes.
The rest of her is plain
But her silver eyes
Are vibrant

Her imperfections
Make her flawless
Her flaws
Make her perfect

I know I am flawed
And imperfect
I feel undeserving of her
And her beauty

But her hands are air
And she comforts me
Hugs me with a gentle wind
Pats my back with a draught

And when she looks
When she peers
Into my soul
Her beauty fills me

Her Eyes are true, she reminds
As I see myself in them
And in her silver eyes I see
The beauty that’s in…

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