Love Keeps No Records Of Wrongs

Posted: June 16, 2014 in Uncategorized

Hello people! This is a short story I wrote for a writer- friend o’mine a while back.

I usually don’t write short stories but I decided to try it out. Tell me what you think, will ya?


She flinched as she applied a sac of ice against her swollen face.
“I’m not taking him back” she muttered, “I can’t do this anymore”, she
cried. Her mind reeled back to the now famliar routine. A slap, yet
another and then the slamming of fists against her frail self.
Funny how regardless of everything he did, she still always
accepted him back. For he had her bound in fetters and chains. There
was no letting go, or so she thought.
The voice of the door cut her train of thoughts, “come in” she said
absent mindedly as she stared at herself in the mirror. There he was,
somber and all. Before she could move a muscle he lay postrate before
her, “I’m so sorry. Please give me one more chance”, he pleaded.
Alas her tears betrayed her, how could she keep from forgiving him?
Her body moved towards him, they wept, soaking one another in their
tears. How could she keep from forgiving her own son, the product of
her loins?
He wept bitterly, he never meant to hurt her. However, each time
his haven was flooded with bad memories, everytime he got high, he
hated her much more than he loved her. But the dawn brought him guilt
of last night’s escapade. He had driven his own mother out of her own
home! Naked and bruised, he heard her plead all night for warmth.
“Forgive me mama” he cried “I love you mama”.  She closed her eyes
and held on tight to him and sobbed, “son, I love you regardless”

  1. Reblogged this on Emmanuel Presents and commented:
    Saw this post by a friend and thought y’all would like it. I did.

  2. sirkrazius says:

    The title speaks a lot. well written. Thanks Emmanuel for reblogging

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