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They say I have it all figured out
but…┬áHave I?
Hurt one too many times
Drunken deep of the cup of rejection.
You’ve gat me, right?

How perfect could things look from the outside?
Bitter truths lurking behind guarded eyes
Charading with the best designers
Alas, everybody has a story!

They say the ones that smile
The most, hurt the most
Then for every smile
lies beneath a story-fold?

I’ve been kissed with the dearest of pain
So much so I forgot how to breathe
Yet through all these things
You’ve gat me, right?

And then life happens
So many decisions to be made
A few hearts broken now and again
But still we refuse to settle,
You’ve gat me?

And the question remains
To stay put or to go,
Accept it’s over
Or hold on?

Maybe I can fight this, maybe I shouldn’t try
Maybe this happened for a reason
Maybe change could be good
Maybe I’m confused.
Do you gat me?

And then when it all turns grey
Until non but haze remains
And gropings in the dark
You’ve gat me, right?