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Emmanuel Onimisi

NOTE: Hi there! I’ve always wondered how a wedding with a different theme (Rock or Rap, for example) would turn out. So with the idea, I got to work on this, and this amazing story resulted. Hope you like it!

Gangstuh Wedding_final


Ladies ‘n gentlemen, brothers and sisters

We’re gathered here today to celebrate a new vista

In the life of our homey and his soon-to-be wife

In holy matrimony, they gon’ be together for life

The GROOM stands up front, his face spread out in a smile

As He watches his BRIDE walking up the aisle.

It’s all he can do to keep his joy on the down low

He can’t help it no more; so away he goes:



From the day I first saw you, girl, my heart went pom-pom.

I just gotta tell you, baby, that you’re the bomb!

They got the models ‘n divas


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Tearfall. Read, like and share 🙂


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Let the tears fall
their cost to you not much

Let them fall
till one on my true love
love has my tear in the palm of his hand

Let them fall,
that he may stand ever closely
look into my swollen eyes
holding this face in his hand

Let the tears fall
that he may wipe them.
Brushing, softly

Let them fall
that he may see me
at my very lowest
nothing left to feign
and have me all the same

Let them fall
that he may kiss away the pain
pushing every sigh away

Let them fall
that I may consider
that to my lonesome
broken self he came
and loves me all the same

REV 21:4 “And He’d wipe all tears from their eyes and there will be no more death, suffering, crying or pain. These things of the past are gone forever”

Love Is

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In the spirit of st. Valentine’s day, my GES lecturer asked us what love meant to us… This is a reflection of my thought process. This, is the painting of love on the canvas of my heart

Love Is…
Love is art
The expression of
Transparent passion
Love is colour
Hue for every heartbeat
Love is craft
Love is music
The melody of hearts
Entwined in harmony
Love is a song
Sing to me all day long
Sing about
A love that is poetry

what is love to you?

Afore A Bleed

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Its quiet, its numb

shifting my gaze  from

this pen, resting boldly against a sheet

Resting? Anticipating a bleed

I’m not gon’ indulge you tonight

Don’t even bother

I’m not gon’ feel your rigid self between my fingers

I’m not gon’ write

You smirk at me

I see visions of what is meant to be

You want me to bare my heart to you

To purge depths of groan

May your blood run dry as I hold on to you

Shaking, quivering.


You flinch at the squeeze of my hand

I heave as I try to write

Your eyes holding on to mine


I’m not gon’ indulge you tonight