Posted: November 15, 2013 in Uncategorized

*lights* (Temi, sitted at the corner of the stage,  flinches at the rush of light and timidly looks up at the audience) *gulp*

I know you all have been wondering why I went AWOL for so long, eh? Well, how do I put this now…errrm, I, for the past couple of days now have been having a little…MAJOR tussle with words *adjusts halo*.

You know, that feeling you get when you know good stuff is about to come forth, but the words just won’t budge! HMMPH

Anyway, in my anticipation n’ frustration, I wrote this…

It lurks behind my smile

Flashes with every blink of my eyes

Mumbles up my ears

Latches on to my lungs,

Words I cannot form

They scribble on my heart

Play out in reverse

These words tease my fingers!

… Words I cannot write

They drink of my heart’s stream

Rush till my head is all but steam

Incubate in my sigh, lay

Words I cannot say

  1. febi says:

    You and me both, on this very same issue. here is a writing of my own that describes this mutual feeling. And honestly I wrote this after reading 113 post of yours. “The world best writers even find it hard to write sometimes, that feels like the cold that comes on rainy days, it is like you have the words but something is just missing, or perhaps you’re not satisfied with the words yet, you need more, like you’re reaching out to something that moves further away with every reach and you need to fight for it the more, the more you fight the further it goes away from you, or perhaps be patient. Then perhaps the words would come reaching out to you. It comes in the solemn of our comfort, in quiet, in silence, when we do not speak but listen. Or other times the words might reveal themselves to you in strange places, and unexpected times, just as you are about to flag the only cab that comes your way after 20 mins of waiting, just when you are about to answer your professor’s question, when you are about to be the cashier at the store, when you are driving. At these points you might need to make some impelling decisions, should I stop the car?, jot down the words before paying the lady behind the counter, jot down the words before?, answering the question the professor asked?, you make these decisions because you don’t want to miss the words this time when they come calling. You scramble for a pen and paper, jot it all down with a rush like that of a jet speed. After is when the priceless smile comes, I’ll you’ve found a lost trasure, The fascination doesn’t end there, you’re mesmerized by the creation of your thought, of your inspiration, you’re engrossed in it for days, you meditate on it, to dot your Is and cross your Ts. And finally you drop your pen, till the next time you pick it up when another word comes calling.” Well that’s it I think I’ll title this one “Untold Stories of Writers”. To TEMISSAN001, after you read this let me know if it’s okay by you for me to post the not so poetlc writing (at least not yet, still working on it) as part of my comment or you could just delete it if you ike.

  2. tessan001 says:

    oh my goodness. i absolutely love this piece. We need to talk, really. could you send me your blog address?
    Its amazing when you see the words that are birthed from your core!

  3. lyrix says:

    this is an experience common to those who work with words!

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