Posted: November 13, 2013 in Uncategorized

He is our LORD, the only true GOD

One GOD and father of all

Who is over all and through all and in all

The father of the Son, He is our SUN

In Him we live, breathe and lean on


And He is here

He is near

He is closer than air

With Him we are co-heirs

And no, there is no fear in Him

Only peace

For He is our peace

He alone do we please

For we are His masterpiece.


  1. Moyo says:

    Totally worth the wait !:)

  2. ikeoluwa abobarin says:

    on point jawe my dear

  3. febi says:

    When He said He loves us, He truly does. He takes our excuses, false comments, our loose tongues, our fearful hearts, and so many more of the things we do, and our alarming ways. But at the end of it all He still loves us.

  4. tessan001 says:

    amen. thanks febi. may I know your name, please?

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