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State of Mind

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State of Mind. with you I share my mind. Like it, share it, talk about it.


The Lion ROARS!!!

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awesome read!

Emmanuel Onimisi

“Alright, kids,” I announced dramatically as we took another turn along the winding path. “Fasten your safety belts, ’cause now we’re in for the Big One.”
Dan, one of the kids with me, raised a hand, “But Uncle, we’re not in a car. We don’t have safety belts.”
I blinked. “It’s, uh…just a, uh… a figure of speech,” I muttered, hoping none of the kids noticed my failed trial at a dramatic intro. But Tolu, the older brother at fourteen, looked up from his iPhone and smirked. Nothing gets past that kid. Hopefully he’d get something out of today’s fieldtrip. Getting him to talk was always quite a chore.
The day at the zoo had been my idea of a fun time with my sister’s kids during the holidays. It would be another opportunity to show them some of the amazing creatures God had made, answer questions, and provide good…

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State of Mind

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Hi guys, so I know a lot of people have been trying to get in touch with me, to no avail. I appreciate the effort. I am fine, I just needed some time out, by myself to figure some things out. During this period, I tried so many times to write,( as you’d see in my previous post “Wordless”), but the words just wouldn’t come forth. So I wrote about not being able to write. (quite ironic isn’t it?!)

Its funny how great things always come out of the worst of times. Like turning a test into a testimony…(I heard that on t.v actually. but it does sound real cool, ya?)

Well, I’m about to share with you glimpses of my thought process, during the said time…blah blah blah… I feel like I’m boring you already.

Alright, quite  (why do I keep mixing up the spelling, even after Mfon corrected me?! tsk!)…

Anyway, quiet your mind and let it ease in and resonate with mine…(you’d need to sit down for this one!)




God, it hurts so bad.

Please take this pain away
Please heal me of these sores
Clot out the memory of the pain
Let it slip through the night
Let the night fade into my past
My tears have become to me a daily drink
Life passes by, grey, bleak
God, my ears are filled with woes, any more n I’d go deaf
I need you now and fast
Father, these days are getting harder for me to live by
I’m just as strong as a heavy cloud,
Ready to drop rains of….
My light is dimming, like a dark glowing splint

Just when I reach the end,
Show me the way out
How to live again
Teach me to know,
That this walk was through death’s mirage, its shadow

And HE will dive in, pick me up from the ocean floor
My KNIGHT will save the day
And just when my heart begins to fail me,
Let your sweet voice
Speak life into this body of mine
Let your love break through my walls
Invade my space,
Fill my essence
Unclog every vessel of this vessel, LORD
Its Yours LORD, its Yours.


……………P.S. did you see what I did with the colours?… graduation from grey to blue… The colour of LOVE, my colour ofcourse 🙂



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*lights* (Temi, sitted at the corner of the stage,  flinches at the rush of light and timidly looks up at the audience) *gulp*

I know you all have been wondering why I went AWOL for so long, eh? Well, how do I put this now…errrm, I, for the past couple of days now have been having a little…MAJOR tussle with words *adjusts halo*.

You know, that feeling you get when you know good stuff is about to come forth, but the words just won’t budge! HMMPH

Anyway, in my anticipation n’ frustration, I wrote this…

It lurks behind my smile

Flashes with every blink of my eyes

Mumbles up my ears

Latches on to my lungs,

Words I cannot form

They scribble on my heart

Play out in reverse

These words tease my fingers!

… Words I cannot write

They drink of my heart’s stream

Rush till my head is all but steam

Incubate in my sigh, lay

Words I cannot say


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He is our LORD, the only true GOD

One GOD and father of all

Who is over all and through all and in all

The father of the Son, He is our SUN

In Him we live, breathe and lean on


And He is here

He is near

He is closer than air

With Him we are co-heirs

And no, there is no fear in Him

Only peace

For He is our peace

He alone do we please

For we are His masterpiece.