Posted: October 16, 2013 in Uncategorized

Holla holla!

A few nights ago, I took a stroll actually, I needed to buy credit.

As I walked in the cool of the evening, wind blowing through my Jheri curls and all, I looked up, more out of habit anyway—> I like to think that I’m very in touch with nature!

The sight that wrapped around my eyes just took my breath away…

T’was a half-moon in the centre of a heart made of clouds!

I stopped in my track and gasped in awe. *rustle* I looked down at the bush close to my feet to ensure that I wasn’t about to step on a reptile’s head… Nothing. *phew* I sighed as I returned my gaze to the sky. But alas! the clouds had already dwindled away leaving only splotches about the night sky.

MY heart pondered on what I had just seen as I walked back home. What was nature trying to tell me?

It occured to me how many times GOD paints beautiful things up in the sky, but our oblivious eyes keep missing it. I thought to myself, “how would you like to make an art work and everyone just ignores it as though it were not even there?”

We could take out time one evening and watch the sun set, or a walk early in the morning and see how beautiful sun rise is. Trust me, it is breath taking! Or even our very own satellite, which sometimes comes out even before the sun sets! And watch as it remains non-luminous until the sun is set and then it keeps getting brighter and brighter.

Watch as almost always, there is a big star that stands tall when we have a crescent moon. Stare at the stars as they twinkle and feel the night breeze wrap you up in its aura!

Its amazing! We all have ample time to appreciate the works of His hands and thank Him for all these… I know we all have busy schedules, places to go, people to see and all that. But, take some time to CHILL OUT. You’d find it really refreshing to talk to such a wise, artistic and perfect GOD when you see the wonders HE alone birthed and fashioned.
As I returned home, these words latched onto my heart, tickling my mind with this thought—>

The clouds formed a heart around the moon

Like His love upon my heart,

save His love never fades out

in the wind of time.


Forever in awe,


  1. I guess I’ll be watching the skies…

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