His Majesty

Posted: October 9, 2013 in Uncategorized

*Dramatic entrance* Well, hello there y’all. I see you’ve been feasting heartily on my words 😀 This is a follow up of my last write up about our big celestial body… ENJOY>>>> *Blows a kiss* :*


He was born the delight of all

All reveled in the glory of his dawn

Brighter and stronger he grew on

Then he came of age, the strong one

Warming all to him, the world’s son


On all, feeble and strong did he shine terror

Who dared look on him melted in his fury

The tyrant in him had grown to full blossom

So we hid from him, save the ground beneath us

High and lofty stood he, son of the gods


Alas, our young king aged and grew in frailty

We watched him strip of his golden splendour

Casting one last glow into our awed eyes

Our son and head heaved us a final goodbye

Wrapped and dainty, father of the night.



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