One sunny day

Posted: October 8, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello people, so as promised, I shall be writing on a very important topic… the sun!

…Infact, it was just terrible. I had to pitch myself next to him, in his shadow to relieve my poor skin of the scornful look the sun shone on us! We walked on, my friends and I. I listened to them lament bitterly about how hot and sunny the weather had been. This went on until we arrived at a signboard just by the road. We quickly stood behind it, taking comfort in its weak attempt to eclipse the sun. Soon, it was time to part ways and head towards our respective homes. As I walked on, feeling blue and weak, I ruminated over the conversation that had just taking place…

I heaved a sigh as I watched the sun finally set in all its majesty, displaying its splendour in the evening sky and giving my burnt skin a warm glow. I marveled at its sudden repentance. It had replaced its scornful look for a wide smile filled with trickling rays of light.

And then, as though pleading that I spit away my spite for its audacity, it gave me a gift. A painted sky, filled with glorious hues from red to orange to yellow, fusing with the clear blue sky. I gasped in awe, Magnificent! Pleased at my delight in it, the sun stood still, blew me a last kiss, my skin glistened. I watched it set into the blue yonder, wrapped up in clouds and then it was no more.



  1. Really! How did I not see the writer in you! Excellent write up o

  2. nezeyi says:

    “…and then it was no more” short, sudden, true..things in life sometimes can be so fleeting, it shocks us that they go away so quickly…so, there arises a need for us to live with the consciousness of these things and enjoy them while they they are…or while we can.

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