Jus’ my thoughts :)

Posted: October 7, 2013 in Uncategorized

hello peeps!!! 😀 😀 I really am very grateful for all the encouraging words I’ve been receiving, both on and off this site. Merci!!!

So, I was reading up about creative art today and stumbled on this amazing quote, by Marcel Duchamp, “All in all, the creative art is not performed by the artist alone; the spectator brings the work in contact with the external world by deciphering and interpreting its inner qualifications and thus adds his contribution to the creative art”


How cool is that?! I learnt that in whatever form of art, performed or fine art, that I do, its okay to express myself. But as much as possible, carry my audience along. Letting them experience and feel the emotions with me.

That is where the true beauty of art lies.





P.S We’d take a short break from all the Lovey-dovey, mushy-gushiness and  HIT another big topic, something everyone has been talking about… *wink*




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