Fantasy!!! ^.^

Posted: October 5, 2013 in Uncategorized

*Ahem* so some people say I’m a “hopeless romantic”, eh? I refuse to mention names SMISH! This scenario, (or something close to it)  I’m almost certain has happened to some of you *points accusing fingers!* So sit back, have some guguru and epa and feast your eyes on this piece. *munches on a handful of epa* A gba ibire o…yes, you may ask what that means… ENJOY!!!!


In silent admiration, I watched him pass by. The creator’s work of art, a masterpiece for all to see, but for one to pick. I pray that’d be me!

Ingrained in my core, the sway of his hips, to the twist of his lips, down to the rhythm of his feet…

A stupid grin graced my face as I watched him zone into a world of his own. His fingers leading the way for him, to a place he called ‘home’.

Glowing in the aura the symphony coloured , I gasped in awe. Just then, he looked at me *gulp*… I forced a smile 🙂

He just looked on, like a robot! The only things moving, his fingers. Calm but strong, his gazed lingered…

I fidgeted, he seemed to be looking right past me, through me, at me and yet into me, all at once! Captured in a trance, me!

His eyes pierced through my soul as he looked into my eyes. I could have sworn I saw a spark as his eyes held on to mine. I hit another high. Ecstasy!

They danced to the rhythm of my heartbeat, flickering words, drowning me in their heat. We were in a world of our own, where time was alone, powerless.

Just then, his lips began to curve, to part. He was smiling! He was smiling… smiling at me! My heart burst, my knees gave way, eyes dilated, stomach churned again, my mouth suddenly desert-dry as my toes twitched again.

They seemed to be moving, to be saying something, but on my cloud 9, nothing could drown the music of my thumping heart… “Val! you’re next! You look flushed, are you okay?” I thought I recognized Lola’s voice. Oh my goodness! I flinched as reality dawned on me like blinding rays of light in a dark room… “I’m fine”, I muttered as I tottered up the stage to recite my poem, drenched in my own sweat!

  1. kitan says:

    im sure u 4got ur poem#hehe……its absolutely brilliant,i keep wondering aw you girls do it,*u nd val*…..

  2. moyo says:

    ….Really good piece. Very detailed description… Good one 🙂

  3. sewa says:

    Lovely Temi! Though i can sooo not identify with the situation*amma gangster*…it sounds awfully sweet

  4. I don’t know what to you! This is more than I expected!

  5. ikeoluwa abobarin says:

    hmmm i luv d yorubatics nd d writing itself ….am nau confused …writer or dancer,Temi?

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