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Potter Me!

Posted: October 30, 2013 in Uncategorized

Hello beautiful people. Whats been up? My life is just always so eventful. I finally started pottery, finally! I’m so excited about it!

So, I got a handful of clay and beat it against the work bench, then pressed it in, rolled it over and then rolled it flat into a slab. I then started to mold my clay, fashioning it with patterns and what have you?

Before I even started to mold, I already had a mental picture of what I wanted to make of that slab of clay. Does that ring a bell?

Jer 1:5  Before you were formed in the body of your mother I had knowledge of you, and before your birth I made you holy; I have given you the work of being a prophet to the nations.(BBE)

My thoughts– God, being a good potter that HE is, had me in mind before he even formed me. He drew out a mental picture of the texture of my hair to the colour of my eyes, from my complexion to the way my lips’ will curve into a smile, all the way down to the shape of the nails on my pinky toes!

And HE is constantly molding me to conform to the perfect image of HIS SON, Jesus. Pressing out every air bubble of emptiness and feeling me with HIs essence.

Though sometimes I may feel like the process is taking forever, I will remain in the hands of my potter, an obedient, submissive clay, till I am fully formed and I will stand the test of time. I will go through the fire, knowing that my potter will be there all though the way, to bring out the real me. The me He had seen all along. Thoroughly baked, the exquisite pride of the potter, His MASTERPIECE


Shed Off

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Holla holla holla!!!

Long time no write, no read! Anyway, the gist for today is this…*getting into a comfy sitting position*

I  went for salsa rehearsal the other day ya, I’m a pretty good salsa dancer now, add that to the list! Just as I was about to start dancing, my eyes turned on an alarm in my head at what had just caught their attention. I looked… and then I saw like 10 snakes just waltzing around, a stone’s throw away from where I stood…JOKE! I kid, I kid!!! 😀 😀

However, I did see the skin that had been shed by a snake!  As I DANCED, my eyes kept spinning towards the skin… And I thought to myself, the snake that shed off this skin will never return to re-wear it, because it’s clothed with a new skin! It has shed off its “old self” and well, that dry skin that was hanging by the fence just isn’t the snake anymore!

…and Hence this lyricism…

I die to birth love

And love kills me more and more

As he breathes life into my core

So, I’m alive in this dead state of mine?

I die till I live, breathe and speak love

And I will die everyday

Every way, as I look on love

look into his emerald eyes,

I’m hit on another high

Where it is just you n’ I

GAL 2: 20–  I have been put to death on the cross with Christ; still I am living; no longer I, but Christ is living in me; and that life which I now am living in the flesh I am living by faith, the faith of the Son of God, who in love for me, gave himself up for me.

(Bible in basic English <BBE>)


Jus’ catching up

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*strolls in* …so, that is how the day went oh, my sister… Oh, hi people!!! 😀 Its being quite a while, eh? I’ve been a tad busy recently. So much has happened this last couple of days. You know, making good use of the time.

I went for a book launch and boy, was I inspired?! I saw so many friends I hadn’t seen in a while, no thanks to the ongoing strike. I didn’t realize how much I had missed school until I saw these beautiful people. ^.^

I just want to specially thank my friends for all the words of encouragement. I had no idea I had such a large audience! I feel so “gingered up”! Thank you all and GOD bless.

*I’m cooking up ’em words for the lunch break and trust me, its going to be a fine meal!* 😉

A Child’s Heart

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I used to think that I could use a cloth hanger to slide down a telephone wire that ran from my house, in case of danger! Confused? follow this link!

Emmanuel Onimisi

‘…some day, you will be old enough to start reading fairy tales again.’
— C.S. Lewis to Lucy Barfield, at the beginning of The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe.

I recently asked my friends on Facebook to share some of the amazing, and ‘crazy’ ideas we innocently held as children. Hilarity ensued. I’ll share some of them here. I set the ball rolling with these:
‘I used to think that the money we gave in church as offering would be placed in a bowl, taken to a forest, and a beam of Light would flash down from heaven and take it all back to God.
I used to think that if you flew by plane into another country, you would see a ‘Welcome’ banner suspened in the clouds. Like a ‘Welcome to Kenya’ banner suspended over the Kenyan border.
One of my sisters used to think that filmmakers would…

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Holla holla!

A few nights ago, I took a stroll actually, I needed to buy credit.

As I walked in the cool of the evening, wind blowing through my Jheri curls and all, I looked up, more out of habit anyway—> I like to think that I’m very in touch with nature!

The sight that wrapped around my eyes just took my breath away…

T’was a half-moon in the centre of a heart made of clouds!

I stopped in my track and gasped in awe. *rustle* I looked down at the bush close to my feet to ensure that I wasn’t about to step on a reptile’s head… Nothing. *phew* I sighed as I returned my gaze to the sky. But alas! the clouds had already dwindled away leaving only splotches about the night sky.

MY heart pondered on what I had just seen as I walked back home. What was nature trying to tell me?

It occured to me how many times GOD paints beautiful things up in the sky, but our oblivious eyes keep missing it. I thought to myself, “how would you like to make an art work and everyone just ignores it as though it were not even there?”

We could take out time one evening and watch the sun set, or a walk early in the morning and see how beautiful sun rise is. Trust me, it is breath taking! Or even our very own satellite, which sometimes comes out even before the sun sets! And watch as it remains non-luminous until the sun is set and then it keeps getting brighter and brighter.

Watch as almost always, there is a big star that stands tall when we have a crescent moon. Stare at the stars as they twinkle and feel the night breeze wrap you up in its aura!

Its amazing! We all have ample time to appreciate the works of His hands and thank Him for all these… I know we all have busy schedules, places to go, people to see and all that. But, take some time to CHILL OUT. You’d find it really refreshing to talk to such a wise, artistic and perfect GOD when you see the wonders HE alone birthed and fashioned.
As I returned home, these words latched onto my heart, tickling my mind with this thought—>

The clouds formed a heart around the moon

Like His love upon my heart,

save His love never fades out

in the wind of time.


Forever in awe,


His Majesty

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*Dramatic entrance* Well, hello there y’all. I see you’ve been feasting heartily on my words 😀 This is a follow up of my last write up about our big celestial body… ENJOY>>>> *Blows a kiss* :*


He was born the delight of all

All reveled in the glory of his dawn

Brighter and stronger he grew on

Then he came of age, the strong one

Warming all to him, the world’s son


On all, feeble and strong did he shine terror

Who dared look on him melted in his fury

The tyrant in him had grown to full blossom

So we hid from him, save the ground beneath us

High and lofty stood he, son of the gods


Alas, our young king aged and grew in frailty

We watched him strip of his golden splendour

Casting one last glow into our awed eyes

Our son and head heaved us a final goodbye

Wrapped and dainty, father of the night.


One sunny day

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Hello people, so as promised, I shall be writing on a very important topic… the sun!

…Infact, it was just terrible. I had to pitch myself next to him, in his shadow to relieve my poor skin of the scornful look the sun shone on us! We walked on, my friends and I. I listened to them lament bitterly about how hot and sunny the weather had been. This went on until we arrived at a signboard just by the road. We quickly stood behind it, taking comfort in its weak attempt to eclipse the sun. Soon, it was time to part ways and head towards our respective homes. As I walked on, feeling blue and weak, I ruminated over the conversation that had just taking place…

I heaved a sigh as I watched the sun finally set in all its majesty, displaying its splendour in the evening sky and giving my burnt skin a warm glow. I marveled at its sudden repentance. It had replaced its scornful look for a wide smile filled with trickling rays of light.

And then, as though pleading that I spit away my spite for its audacity, it gave me a gift. A painted sky, filled with glorious hues from red to orange to yellow, fusing with the clear blue sky. I gasped in awe, Magnificent! Pleased at my delight in it, the sun stood still, blew me a last kiss, my skin glistened. I watched it set into the blue yonder, wrapped up in clouds and then it was no more.