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((pssst! hello y’all, so, amma be reeling out some mushy love notes now. Here is one to munch on! ENJOY! *creeps back into the shadows*))


I can’t say everything is okay. I don’t know what it is, but it hangs cleaves onto the air that I breathe. I sit, starring into space, my mind drifts to memories treasured by its lone self… drifting, reminiscing through the night.

As I looked on, I caught something from the side of my eye, dashing directly at me! Before I could move my 53KG body mass, it hit me. Pierced through my ribs and rested on my poor heart.

Words sipped out of it, gradually at first, it seemed to be healing my bleeding heart. I looked at it… It was a cupid’s arrow, shot to deliver words from my lover!


My love is not a feeling, its the air that I breathe,

the words I speak from the breath of my being, pouring forth from my lips

Its the spark we give, with our eyes.

Its the mutual understanding understood by minds interwoven by fabrics, love

Its the words we speak through the silence of the night

walking side by side, your hand in mine

Love is me feeling what you feel, even though we are distance-weak

sensing the very twitch of your lips

Love sends my love over the seas, wrapping you up in its gentle breeze

My love is reason. It’s the reason I love the way I do, in n’ out of season

My love will heal you deep inside, till all you see, hear n’ breathe is love

My love’d protect you, keeping your very toes from the harm of stones

Lavishing on you everything that I have,everything that I am, my very being

My love is here to stay, stronger than yesterday

My love’d  follow you a hundred more years

Till you acknowledge and grow in love… in my love

And my love’d follow you, pursue and chase you

Till all you are is love, it will follow through

I need, want and desire you.

My Love, my love’d woo you

And I shall prove to you my love

Give you more than half my kingdom

I’d give you my only treasure

My heartbeat, my highest bid… My son

I’d give to you my son…

And in this marriage of our hearts,

There shall be no “Till death do us part”

You shall be my son’s very fair bride

and he, your Always n’ Forever




Le Romantique

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Pardon me please, this’d take a bit

Its me pouring my heart into 2 dimensional sheet

Seconds turn into days… theses days look so grey

Its how I feel when you’re not nigh

I’ve been shot by love’s cupid, nay?

*No Title*

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errrm, I wrote this in secondary school. However, I am yet to find a befitting title for it. *Reminiscing*


Today, I asked to be closer to you

But I feel behind by steps of two

I’m drowning  with nothing to cling to

Deeper and deeper as in doom

It feels like night down here

Your voice is lost, I’m searching to hear

My breath is gone, I’m out of air


I’m reaching to the sky

Please hear my sober cry

’cause I don’t know how long I’d last

I need you now and fast!

Life is turning into my past


Grasp, grasp me lest I fall

Down the tunnel, down the sea

Even there, I know you’re with me

Now in you, no pain I feel

As I walk down the aisle, my prince and me


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This poem was written by a British writer (name unknown), so so many years ago. I stumbled upon it some years back in my secondary school library. I take no credit whatsoever for this work. Enjoy!


Love bade me welcome, yet my soul drew back

Guilty of dust and sin

But quick-eyed Love, observing me grow slack

From my first entrance in,

Drew nearer to me, sweetly questioning

If I lacked anything


“A guest”, I answered, “Worthy to be here”

Love said, “You shall be he”

“I, the unkind, ungrateful? Ah, my dear,

I cannot look on thee”

Love took my hand and smiling did reply

“Who made the eyes but I?”


“Truth, Lord, but I have marred them, let me shame

Go where it doth deserve”

“And know you not” Says Love,”Who bore the blame?”

“My dear, then I will serve”

“You must sit down” says Love “and taste my meat”

So I did sit and eat.


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Well, I wrote this piece during a seemingly dark time. I had just lost a friend of mine and everything jus’ seemed to be going wrong. 😦 It was as though everything around me was spinning in noisy riot of colours! I needed some quiet, ‘inner peace’. I got inspiration to write after taking a looooooong walk to Awolowo Hall with a friend of mine who believes that ‘A multitude of words are spoken in the silence’. I drew comfort and strength, not from the eloquence of his speech but the soothing comfort in the quiet, the silence.



Hush, Silence. Listen, let the silence speak

In awe, I’m caught in the breath of your silence

It soothes me, sends shivers down my spine

My haven from the noise that shan’t through me slice


  Terror has come to stay, my heart’s treasure

Now a shadow of my present being

Death bellows, in me has it taken pleasure

Softly teasing, sucking life out of my being


  Yet, death’s captive shall come alive!

Liberation cups me in its fetters

Free to seal away the dark

To seal away to eternal doom, Hades!

Beginning of The End

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This piece is quite fascinating. I like to think of it as multifaceted, I always see something new each time I read it and I have read it a number of times. 😀 By all means feel free to share your thoughts. Thank you! 🙂


Stay! Linger but for a while

Colour drains in ash trays

Life turns into shades of grey

Fettered in, join the last mile


Cage the ransomed of my heart

Blinding light torments midnight

Caven in by love’s kryptonite

Spitting fire, fights with its might


Alas! Reality rainbows in

Still water sips in mighty torrents

Applaud as curtain joins

script writer says, “the beginning”